Intruder/Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm & CCTV

Fire Alarms

With a wealth of experience in the Fire Detection Industry, we have installations ranging across every type of premises including domestic, retail outlets, warehouses, offices, care homes and educational institutions. Whatever the type of premises you require Fire Detection for, we can provide. Alarms can be raised by means of personnel manually operating a break glass call point or by the automatic detectors sensing a source of smoke, heat or carbon monoxide. The system when activated will trigger sounders or bells to inform occupants to evacuate the building. Our control panels have full zone indication enabling quick identification of potential fires showing where the fire starts and in what direction it’s moving, this helps occupants evacuate the building safely and assists the Fire Brigade to quickly locate the fire.

Dependant on the type of premises and risk, your Impulse Fire Alarm system can be connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre facility, which monitors your system 24 hours a day. Alarm events are transmitted digitally to our Alarm Receiving Centre where our operators have all the information at hand to deal with events as they happen and contact key holders and Fire services as required.

Should you have an existing Fire Detection System installed and require our company to carry out statutory maintenance (which is a legal requirement) or require your system to be upgraded or connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre, contact Impulse Fire & Security for a free quotation or advice.

CCTV Systems

Having a well designed and installed CCTV System can save thousands of pounds in preventing theft or pilfering from clients shops or offices. CCTV Systems are also installed to afford safety and security to the public or employees. By recording images on our Digital Video Recorders, evidence can be obtained of crimes committed or abuse of environment. Systems are individually designed to meet customers requirements. There are many different types of Closed Circuit Television systems including internal, external, fixed, fully functional PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras as well as vandal resistant dome and ‘covert’ cameras.

With careful selection of the correct cameras and lenses, desired results can be achieved. At the heart of the system is the Hard Drive Recorder which will normally save recording for up to 31 days. Images can be archived to CD, DVD or USB devices for evidential purposes. Live images and recordings can be viewed via an internet connection worldwide. CCTV systems can be Integrated with Access Control systems and Intruder Alarm systems to allow complete control of sites and premises.

Should you have an existing CCTV System installed and require it to be upgraded or maintained contact Impulse Fire & Security for a free quotation or advice.

Access Control Systems range from small single door systems through to highly sophisticated software based computer systems controlling single or multiple sites. Software based computer systems provide information on movement of staff and give full control of time and attendance of personnel. A software based computer system allows the administrator to add or remove users and remotely open doors at the click of a button. Different technologies are available dependent on the level of security required and client preferences. Reader technologies range from simple magnetic cards to more sophisticated infra-red, proximity, fingerprint recognition and retina scanning units. Readers are fitted locally to secure a door or access point and allow or deny access, contact Impulse Fire & Security for a Free quotation or advice.

Integrated Systems

Access control systems can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV, Intruder and Fire alarms as well as other Building services so as to provide warnings and recordings of events. Systems may be installed using dedicated wiring or may be integrated into existing LAN/WAN Ethernet networks.